5 Big Questions To Ask Power Washing Companies

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March 15, 2020
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Power washing is a very essential part of maintaining cleanliness in industrial, commercial and residential zones. Power Washing involves the use of high-pressure water spray to remove materials such as mold, loose paint and chewing gum from objects such as cars and buildings.

For one to hire the right power washing company, this company has to be able to check a lot of boxes. Thus, the following are 5 questions that big questions to ask power washing companies.

1. What is your process for power washing?

In life as in power washing, it is not always about the bottom line. It’s about how you get to the bottom line. The process matters. Power washing can be done across quite a few surfaces. Therefore, one must ensure that the power washing company must have the right process for the appropriate surface. For instance, it is not ideal for a power washing job to leave any sort of damage behind after a power wash. An effective power wash should be able to do the job and leave the surface as good as new.

2. Where is the proof of the quality of your work?

A power washing company must be able to provide verification and proof that their work is of the highest quality. A legitimate power washing company should be able to have the proper credentials and a stellar reputation. When asked this question, a company should be able to provide proof of their excellent customer service via Google and Yelp reviews. It is a real good sign when a power washing company has a lot of online testimonials.

3. Do you have the proper insurance?

This is a very essential question to ask. One must make sure a power company covers their workers with liability insurance. If not, it is possible that the customer may be held liable for any injuries of the company’s workers that take place in one’s residence. This may be the most important question to ask a power washing company.

4. Do you offer guarantees?

A strong and reputable organization may offer a money-back guarantee for their work on either a residential or commercial surface. If a company doesn’t offer some sort of money-back guarantee, it may be a sign that the company doesn’t stand by their product.

Additionally, you may want to ask if a company has a no-damage guarantee. With a no-damage guarantee, the power washing company bears the financial responsibility for any damage that is done. You can bet that they will be as careful as possible.

5. Do you have the proper licensing?

A power washing company will definitely need to have the proper licensing. For example, a power company in the state of California has to get a license through the Contractors State Licensing Board. Customers should be aware of any required state licensing for power washers so that they can know if a power washing company is properly licensed.