5 Questions To Ask A Pressure Washing Company

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January 21, 2020
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March 15, 2020
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Before Hiring A Pressure Washing Company

It’s that time of year again. Everyone starts to go out on warm days to do Spring cleaning. You are cleaning up branches, sweeping up leaves, and rubbish. Then you look at your sidewalks, fencing, and house, and see all the green and brown all over, from all the debris, rain, and snow. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also be dangerous. Anyone could slip and fall injuring themselves. Time to get it pressure washed.
While you can do it yourself, there is a lot more to it, then just renting or buying a pressure washer. You have to use the right products on the right surfaces. Not only that, it is not a short job. It takes all day to just do sidewalks, and driveways, without even doing the home, fencing, or even porches. Who wants to waste their days of doing that? It may also involve getting on a ladder. Do yourself a favor, and get a professional to do the job.
First, you must do some research. Don’t just hire a day laborer, “fly by night” person. They may act like they know what they are doing until you are left with damage to your home, due to inexperience. Ask neighbors, family, and friends what company they used. Go online and research local company’s. Check their website for references, reviews, and work they have done, then set up an appointment.
Now that you have them at your house, it is time to ask the important questions.
#1: Ask what equipment they will be using for each part of the house, or whatever it is you want them to do. This is important, as sidewalks, and driveways can have high pressure used on that surface, however, houses need less pressure applied.
Siding and window frames can quickly become damaged with high pressure. The same goes for what cleaning solutions they use for each part of the job.
The second question is, “Do they pressure wash windows”? This should be an immediate no, as windows break under that kind of pressure, whether low or high.
Third, “Do you have before and after pictures of your work”? Not only does this prove that they have done good work, but it also lets you compare similar homes. If they have done wood-sided homes like yours, or vinyl sided, whatever you have, it helps to see that.
The fourth and fifth questions have to do with safety and guarantees. Do they have insurance for their workers, as well as for damage that may happen? You do not want to find yourself involved in medical claims for workers, should they get hurt.
Next, do they guarantee their work? If they are not willing to say that and sign a contract stating that, then steer clear of them. Make sure to ask all these questions, as the company you are interviewing, should be ready and willing to answer. Enjoy your new cleaned up home and yard!