Can You Pressure Wash A Brick House?

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December 12, 2021
February 21, 2022
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House Brick Wall Washing Using Pressure Washer. Caucasian Worker in His 30s.

Have you ever wondered if you need to wash the exterior walls of your home? The answer to that question is yes. You have to wash your exterior walls as they collect a lot of dust, dirt, and germs due to the weather conditions and other factors. Depending on the material used for constructing a particular building, there are diverse ways to clean the walls. The outdoor bricks of your house need precise attention when you decide to wash them.

When you decide to power wash your brick house, there are a few simple steps to follow. Here are the tips that will help you perform this task efficiently:

1. You have to repair any damage on the walls before you start the process of cleaning. Once you patch the space between the bricks, you have to wait at least seven days. The mortar should become harder for that time. Avoid using power wash for walls covered with lead paint. Specialists can perform this job effortlessly, and foremost safely.

2. After you finish repairing the walls, you can start applying water to the bricks. Specialists can help you choose the perfect power washer for your needs. You have to perform this step without a detergent, so you should only use water in this step. Spray the walls from the bottom to the top until you damp the walls consistently.

3. Now, you have to use a specific detergent. Choose a cleaner that is suitable for exterior brick walls. You must pick the appropriate detergent, or all the dirt can adhere to the surface of your brick house. You have to apply the same movement as when you wet the walls with water (from the bottom to the top).

4. Use the proper brush. You have to prepare a suitable type of brush before you start the whole procedure of power washing your brick house. So, order a detergent and a scrub brush and ask the experts, so they will tell you what you will need. The scrub brush is vital if there are many stains and dirt on the brick walls and is a better solution than applying high pressure on the walls.

5. The cleaner has done the work, and you have scrubbed the areas that needed more attention. Now is time to wash the detergent. You have to apply motions from top to bottom with a low-pressure spray.

6. You can apply a sealant after the walls of your brick house are dry and clean.

First, you have to wash the bricks of your home at least once per year or one time every two years. Not only will this improve the appearance of your home’s exterior, but it will also disinfect these surfaces.
Second, keep in mind that the process of washing your brick house will require some time. Also, you need to pick the right time of the year as that will speed the whole procedure.
Third, there is a difference between power wash and pressure wash. A power washing machine uses heated water, while a pressure washer does not warm the water.