Five Outdoor Items You Can Clean with Your Pressure Washer

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May 28, 2019
Items to Pressure Wash During Summer
July 25, 2019
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power washing garden furniture - made of exotic wood - very shallow depth of field


  1. Wooden chairs. Pressure washing wooden outdoor furniture can help the pieces look brand new, inviting, and charming.
  2. Plastic chairs. These chairs can attract dirt and grime, which shows rather easily on their surface.
  3. Vinyl and other types of chairs. These chairs can become dirty quite quickly and you won’t notice until you try to half clean them. Use detergent on these; you’ll need it to cut through the dirt.
  4. Patio tables can go from looking filthy and gross to brand new, thanks to the help of your pressure washer.
  5. No matter if it’s plastic, wooden, or cement, freshen up the look of your backdoor bench with the help of your pressure washer.