Four Easy Ways to “Makeover” Your Deck

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February 12, 2018
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April 5, 2018

Is your deck looking a little rough around the edges and, well, all over as well? It may be time for a new look! If you aren’t looking to paint or completely tear down the deck, here are four easy ways to update its current state.

  1. Fix any repairs needed. Wooden panels are often subjected to dents and damages, among other “wear and tear” issues. Whether the deck just needs a newer set of screws and bolts, or it’s all cosmetic, make your repairs first.
  2. Pressure wash. It’s suggested to clean your deck once a year and the best tool to complete the job is a pressure washing machine.
  3. Next, apply the deck stain. This provides a protective finish onto your deck. The surface will look shiny and new.
  4. Work on the railing. Either update it or replace it completely.