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Why Pressure Wash Your Home?
June 14, 2021
Pressure Washing a Deck
August 11, 2021
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worker with high pressure washer cleaning house facade

Pressure washing a fence may sound like a crazy idea but it does make a lot of sense when you look at the big picture. Your property’s exterior can deteriorate over time. We all know that. It doesn’t take much time, nor does it cost very much, for something to start to look old and ugly. You may not be able to get by without doing something to fix that problem but what can you do when the damage is far advanced?


Many people have seen the damage that has been done to their property’s exterior through things like wind, rain, and ice storms. There are times when all you can do is wish you had made better choices about which products to use on your home. Some things just should not have been left on your roof or patio even after a strong wind storm has blown them off. When you pressure wash your decks, driveway and other exterior areas that are often used for outside activities, you can avoid costly repairs in the future.


When you pressure wash a fence, you can be sure that you will be able to cover a very large area. You should be able to wash a estimated based on the square footage of your property. If you have a smaller property or a lot that is not measured in square footage, you may want to consider other options. You also may want to consider an estimate based on the estimated square footage of your deck. If you have a deck, you should look into pressure washing a pool deck as well.


There are many factors that go into determining the proper pressure and the proper nozzle with power washing equipment. You should always consult a professional before starting to power wash a deck, a patio or any outdoor area. You can purchase various tools for your power washing machine and each of these may require different pressure settings. You should consult your manufacturer to make sure that the pressure you will be using on your equipment is appropriate for the area that you are attempting to clean.


You will want to consider the water source when doing your calculations about the pressure washing prices. The most popular water sources for power washers are treated city water, private wells and lake water. In most cases, the price of pressure washing with a commercial grade power washer is less expensive than if you would use treated water from a city water plant. If you live in a rural area, chances are that there will be more options for you as far as water source and pricing for power washing.


You should also take into consideration how much time you want to spend servicing your machine. If you want to service your power washing equipment more often, you may want to consider purchasing a hot water heater that can add to the overall pressure washing costs per square foot. These heaters can provide you hot water on demand at any time of the day. There are hot water heaters that come with a solar panel and these are an excellent choice for homeowners who would like to help reduce their overall electricity bill. Although solar power is a growing part of green living, many home and business owners still prefer the reliability of traditional hot water heaters.