How Often Should Homeowners Soft Wash Their Homes

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A home is an asset that must be adequately maintained for you to live safely and comfortably. Therefore, you should perform the appropriate maintenance tasks to keep your home in good condition. For instance, scheduling routine soft wash cleaning will help avoid significant damage to your home’s exterior, increasing your property’s value.

Soft washing is a cleaning method that has gained popularity among homeowners as a substitute for pressure washing. The reason being pressure washing uses a high amount of pressure which can damage bricks or wood, as opposed to soft washing, which uses a low-pressure washing technique. Moreover, soft washing combines environmentally friendly algaecides, bleach, neutralizers, and disinfectants to clean home structures.

Soft washing is more efficient when cleaning delicate surfaces such as windows, decks, sidings and rooftops. However, you may wonder why homeowners do not need to wash their homes every week. Consecutive washing might ruin the paint finish on the exterior of your house. On the other hand, neglecting to clean your home increases the likelihood of the emergence of fungi and unpleasant bugs, which poses a significant health risk. As a homeowner, cleaning your home when the time is right is essential. The following are a few considerations that will help you determine how frequently to wash your home.

House Located along a Dusty Road

Houses built near dusty roads slowly accumulate dust during the dry season, which worsens when the road is busy. The iron sheets often lose their color, and your property gets covered with dust. Therefore, it is necessary to soft-wash your home every two to three months.

After A Big Storm Strikes

Storms are typically accompanied by high winds that whip up dirt and debris and pile it up on a home’s siding. In this case, it is usually best to wash your home after removing debris, such as shingles and branches.

Hot and Humid Weather

High temperatures and humid conditions can cause moisture to accumulate behind the siding, providing a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and algae. In this account, you will need to clean your home more frequently, especially in the summer.

Proximity to Trees

Homeowners with trees around their houses will have to clean multiple times a year based on the number and kind of trees they have in their homes. For instance, some trees shed a lot of debris around your property. Therefore, you will need to soft-wash the exterior of your home quarterly throughout the year.

Deciding when and how frequently to soft wash your home is simple. You alter your cleaning schedule based on different factors. However, frequent soft washing not only maintains your home’s attractive appearance but also extends the lifespan of your home structures, removes hazardous bacteria, and keeps your family in good health. Generally, professionals advise homeowners to have their home’s exterior soft-washed at least once a year.