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February 15, 2019
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Close up of nozzle of high pressure washer used on car

Looking to clean with your pressure washer but are unsure as to which nozzle to use? Fret no longer! Here are the different types of nozzles and the jobs they’re best suited to complete.

  1. 0-degree nozzles. These deliver a small, concentrated stream of water and are best at removing stains and debris from concrete and metal. Do not use on wood or siding; this stream is quite powerful and can cause damage to softer surfaces.
  2. 15-degree nozzles. These are used to prep surfaces by removing dirt, mildew, or paint, and can be used to clean most surfaces.
  3. 25-degree nozzles. These are best used to sweep away dirt, mud, and leaves from decks, driveways, and sidewalks.
  4. Low-pressure detergent nozzles. These are for applying detergents for cleaning jobs.
  5. Rotating nozzles. These rotate water in a circular motion, producing a stream between 5,000-9,000 rpm. With a rotating 0 degrees impact that expands to a 15-degree wand pattern, your cleaning output is increased by 50%. This cuts your cleaning time in half.
  6. Long range detergent nozzles. These are often sold as a pressure washer accessory and can apply detergent up to 30 feet, which is great for hard to reach places that are high above the ground.