Items to Pressure Wash During Summer

Five Outdoor Items You Can Clean with Your Pressure Washer
June 25, 2019
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August 24, 2019
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Summer is the ideal season for outdoor entertaining. Before lighting up the grill for that backyard summer pool party, however, take a moment to clean a few items so the food won’t be the only thing that leaves a lasting impression. Here are some items to pressure wash this season.

  1. Vinyl siding. Whether it’s on your home, tool shed, man cave, pool house… Vinyl siding is durable and cost-effective. While it’s low maintenance, it can easily collect dirt and grime from the great outdoors. Wash the siding at least once a year to help the building look its best. Aim straight at eye level and don’t point upward (water can collect behind the siding this way). You may need a mold and mildew remover depending on how dirty the siding is.
  2. They may not look dirty, but it’s highly likely your windows are covered in dust or pollen. Washing them once a month will help bring more sunlight into your home, illuminating rooms with natural lighting and helping you save on your electric bill.
  3. Your deck. Decks are built to endure sunlight exposure and harsh weather, but they can still get dirty over time. Pressure wash your deck once a year and seal with a coat of stain every few years to help preserve the deck and prevent splinters.
  4. Outdoor furniture. No one wants to sit down on dirty outdoor furniture! Make it look shiny and new again by giving it a good wash with your pressure washer. Just don’t wash the furniture on an already washed deck, as you’ll be spraying the dirt and grime from the furniture onto a newly cleaned surface.