Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips

February 21, 2022
How Often Should You Power Wash Your Home?
April 17, 2022

During the winter, our dwellings are subjected to harsh weather conditions. Maintaining the outside of your house is an investment that pays dividends in the long run, and even little repairs may save more costly ones in the future. Take these measures to protect your house from major harm and keep it running efficiently throughout the year. A professional should perform any work that requires access to the roof or that you are hesitant or uncomfortable with.

Take a look at the shingles. Their primary purpose is to protect you from the elements. Look for missing, elevated, or twisted shingles and other anomalies from the level or a ladder. Have a skilled roofer evaluate your roof and perform any required repairs if there are any issues.

Your gutters and downspouts need to be cleaned. The accumulation of ice and snow in the winter may cause significant damage and poor drainage. Your property may suffer water damage if water flows back toward the foundation or pools on the roof. During the wettest months of the year, take these extra steps to lessen the danger of flooding around your house.

Take a look at the chimney, for example. Inspect the chimney’s crown for evidence of deterioration. A rain cover and grate are common additions to chimney caps. Make sure to examine the flashing around your chimney if you can get up there and look for any gaps, bends, or cracks where water may seep in.

Your air conditioner needs to be cleaned and serviced. Turn off the outside unit and remove debris from the grill/cage and the fan. To ensure optimal ventilation, rake the unit’s area and chop back branches. Don’t forget to replace the furnace air filter regularly.

Wash the cladding. When it comes to washing the exterior of your house, pressure washing is an excellent tool. If you don’t have one, seek a company in your neighborhood that does. Ensure that the paint on your wood siding is in good condition by inspecting it for any blisters or cracks.

Examine the patios and decks. To preserve decks and railings from the elements, they must be re-stained every few years. Keep an eye out for symptoms of decay on deck pillars where they meet the ground.

Examine the caulking on the outside of your home. Examine the caulking on your doors, windows, and air vents for signs of damage. Scrape away and replace old caulking to lessen the need for air conditioning.

Take a look around the yard. To prevent ground and rainwater from pooling, extra soil should be placed down in low-lying sections of your grass. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on your shrubs and trees.

What’s the Point of Cleaning Outside?

It’s understandable if you’re dreading spring cleaning and question why you can bother to wash the outside of your house. However, there are more advantages to keeping a clean house than the visual ones.

First and first, your house is a representation of who you are. Make an impression on your neighbors and visitors by keeping it clean and fresh after a winter of accumulation of filth. You’ll have a better time outside in the spring and early summer when your house is fresh and tidy. Also, you’ll want to spend even more time outdoors. Outside cleaning may also help you bring life back to your grass and garden after the long winter dormancy for a fresh spring look.