Three Things to Clean Before Winter

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November 5, 2018
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February 15, 2019
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BAYAMON/PUERTO RICO - February 26, 2019: Hispanic man uses high pressure washer machine to clean exterior of building glass.

Although it feels as if it has already arrived, winter will be on its way to us soon here in South Carolina. Once colder temperatures hit, there isn’t much of a need for pressure washing your home. There is a need, however, for your home to be cleaned before the cooler temperatures arrive. Here are three things to clean to help prepare your home for winter.

  1. A bountiful collection of dirt, dust, and grime can be found on the windows of our homes, especially after summertime. Pressure wash your windows to remove all debris so that it doesn’t become stuck underneath snow and ice that accumulates on the windows during winter.
  2. Clean them thoroughly, removing all signs of mold and mildew (this can become a bigger problem when moisture from snow and ice accumulates). For wooden decks, use a stain or sealant after cleaning.
  3. It comes as no surprise that gutters can become full and/or clogged with debris during autumn. If left dirty, snow and ice that melts could become trapped in the gutters. Along with the weight of the existing debris, this can cause a strain upon the roof’s structure. Moisture can easily make its way underneath shingles and into attics. If the water trapped in the gutter freezes, you’ve got an even bigger problem on your hands.